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Feminist Swimwear, Launching early 2020.


Meet Subject Swim

Swim suits have been made to objectify women, to judge, compare and stare.

Only if you can make yourself small enough to fit in this teeny tiny shell, then you are worthy of attention, sex appeal, joy.


We are not the objects of others’ desires or expectations

We are the subjects of our own stories. Where we are the heroes. Where we decide to reclaim and celebrate our bodies.

Where we can be ourselves - as big and as powerful as the ocean herself.

About us and our team

Subject Swim is a feminist swimwear brand that is female founded, owned and operated. What makes our swimwear feminist? We can think of a few reasons…

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Disrupting an industry isn’t easy. Learn more about our design and development process, how we are trying to change the way women think about their swimwear, and more.