Meet our founder

Hi! Rachel Moss here, Founder and CEO of Subject Swim. I wanted to introduce myself so that you knew there was a real person behind the scenes, building this brand and making your swimwear!

I grew up in Philadelphia, which made me scrappy, honest, and unafraid to use my car horn despite making Vermont my home for 16 years. I am a Capricorn who values direct, real conversations and getting sh*t done. I am a radical feminist with big dreams and a passion for helping other women achieve theirs. I graduated from college with a BA in Political Science and spent 8 years working for campaigns in progressive politics and for community-based non-profits, gradually awakening to the idea that power to create real change could live within the business community. So I got an MBA at the Tuck School of Business and spent the last 6 years learning to use business as a force for good. I worked as a Brand Manager focused on innovation and product development at a leading natural household products brand. But it was time for a new, big, scary challenge so that I grow my impact and take my work to the next level.

I dream that Subject Swim can be a beacon of light and power for all of the women who are struggling to feel like they are beautiful, confident, and enough, exactly as they are. I am thrilled that you are here and welcome you to this movement to shift the mission, mindset and products of an entire industry!


That’s me in the front, running straight into the oncoming waves, before I learned to be scared of getting knocked down.

Rachel Moss