From the corporate world to entrepreneurship

From our founder Rachel:

Before I was focused on building Subject Swim full time, I had a corporate office job. It was a good job, a great job in many ways, but every morning I would wake up and put on my *imaginary* suit of armor. It was armor to protect me from taking things too personally, from the challenge of making myself small enough to fit into the box of what leadership was "supposed to" look like, and from the nagging feeling that I could do more than I was being given the chance to do there.

Fast forward to now, and I am a soloentrepreneur who is supposedly #livingthedream and all that. But it's hard. I don't have to put on my armor any more. But now that I am not going through a daily practice to numb myself, all of the emotions are at the surface. Every day is a roller coaster of all of the feelings and that can leave me raw and exhausted.

This week I thought about how it would be easier to go back to a life where I wake up every day and put on my armor and build someone else's dream. Then the universe reminded me that I'm not alone and I'm doing great and that feeling is a critical part of growth and moving through it is the only way to bloom.

So that's for you too. You're not alone. You're doing great. Your feelings that don't always look the way they are supposed to are leading you to something bigger and more magical than you could have ever allowed yourself to dream of.

Rachel MossComment